SIMA is excited to announce we’ve partnered with to bring our members better contenders for their job openings. 

Right now, ads with providers like Indeed result in an influx of unqualified candidates who have little understanding of surf/skate culture (or even worse, no applications at all). 

Jobzilla is a boardsports specific alternative which lists all of the best opportunities in our industry. Launched by 3 industry veterans, their mission is to bring back a sense of enjoyment to work, so people can crush their careers instead of their dreams. Easier to find epic jobs. Easier to find epic talent. All on a platform that has a bit of fun along the way too.

“Jobzilla is just so much better than general purpose hiring sites. The first two positions we advertized had people applying who already knew the surf industry and understood the Former brand. A no-brainer to save us time, hassle and money when recruiting good people.” 

- Jamahl Grey, FORMER 

SIMA has negotiated 25% OFF the first order for our members (single, triple or subscription post packages!).

Simply use the code SIMA25 at checkout. 

Jobzilla will confirm you’re a current SIMA member before approving listings, to ensure only core boardsports brands and stores are included on the site.

For more, check out or read this recent article about them on STAB.