SIMA membership not only ensures your voice is heard but also actively contributes to the well-being, resiliency and sustainable growth of the surf industry.


The Surf Industry Members Association is the voice and soul of the surf industry. SIMA is the surf industry’s non-profit, member-owned trade association representing surf apparel and accessories manufacturers, board builders, retailers, reps, suppliers, media, and professional service companies joined together as a unified force to grow the surf industry through fearless innovation, stoke, and sustainability. 

Member Benefits

When you join SIMA, your membership unlocks a wide range of benefits including exclusive industry research and insights that make a difference in your business practices, educational programs that keep your employees at the forefront of business trends, innovative sustainability solutions that not only protect our oceans, but also help the bottom line. Membership also provides the opportunities to network and share best business practices with industry colleagues to drive the industry forward.

Membership Levels

Industry Membership

Who Qualifies: Manufacturers of accessories, apparel, eyewear, footwear, and / or wetsuits.

Annual Dues: Based on your company’s annual revenue and start at $500 

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Board Builder Membership

Who Qualifies: Shapers, glassers, bodyboard manufacturers.

Annual Dues:  All Board Builder member dues are $290. 

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Associate Membership

Who Qualifies: Surf industry advertising/PR agencies, book publishers/companies, exhibit companies, publications/magazines, research companies, video/production companies and website/online service companies.

Annual Dues: Based on your company’s annual revenue and start at $500 

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Partner Membership

Who Qualifies: Companies which provide professional administrative and/or operational services, including legal and financial services

Annual dues: $2,500 for all Member Donors

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