Waterman’s Weekend

For over three decades, SIMA Waterman's Weekend has been a driving force behind environmental efforts to protect our oceans, surf breaks, and combat plastic pollution. Having raised nearly $10 million since its inception in 1989, the event continues to support beneficiaries dedicated to preserving our marine ecosystems.

This year, the gala and luau aims to raise $250,000 for more than a dozen ocean conservation groups, cementing its status as a significant contributor to environmental causes.

The weekend kicks off with a Luau on Friday Evening and commences with a Gala on Saturday.

Waterman's is honored to welcome our major sponsors

Audi,  Surf Expo and Visit Huntington Beach.


Waterman’s Luau 

Friday July 28th

6PM at The Pasea Resort and Spa, Huntington Beach, CA

Presented by Visit Huntington Beach, the Waterman’s Luau will feature a special evening with accomplished musician and environmentalist, Peter Harper, who’s soulful music will be the soundtrack to an evening that will bring industry leaders, retailers, athletes and VIP’s together to help raise funds for the SIMA Environmental Fundevening that benefits 15 ocean environmental organizations.

Ticket price: $150 to $200 

Location: The Pasea Resort & Spa in Huntington Beach

Date: Friday July 28th, 6pm to 10pm

Special guest musician: Peter Harper


Waterman’s Gala 

Saturday July 29th

5PM at The Pasea Resort and Spa, Huntington Beach, CA

This year's gala features a whole evening of activities, including honoring the late Art Brewer with the Lifetime Achievement Award, Justine DuPont as Waterperson of the Year, and Dr. Cliff Kapono as Environmentalist of the Year. In addition to paying tribute to this year's amazing honorees, the evening will feature a live and silent auction, gourmet food, and lively socializing.

Ticket price: Starting at $700

Location: The Pasea Resort & Spa in Huntington Beach

Date: Saturday July 29th, 5pm to 10pm

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Protecting our playgrounds…

"To me, all the people in the different environmental groups are the people who do the real work. We might every once in a while come in and try to add some visibility to the cause, we may donate a bit of money. But if the environmental movement is surfing, then you guys are the wave and the board, and our band or me, we are just the war trying to get something to stick."

Eddie Vedder, 2007 Watermans Environmentalist of the Year

About Waterman’s

Since 1989, Waterman’s has raised close to $10 million to support our environmental beneficiaries that are dedicated to cleaning beaches, protecting surf breaks, keeping plastics out of the ocean, and more on behalf of surfers. 

Over that time the industry has come together each year to celebrate our oceans with this premiere social fundraising event on the global calendar.

Waterman’s has honored a host of the leading characters in surfing as well as many of the key figures in ocean related environmentalism in what has now become the night where the highest honors in the surf world are given to the most deserving individuals and organizations.

"Culturally, it's the biggest surf industry event in the world. Nothing else matches it. SIMA and the Waterman's Ball are really important because they give the industry unity; it's the gathering of the tribe. We need to have the unity. We have to compete against each other in the business world-at retail, with our surf teams, who's got the best surfers in the world--but at the end of the day, what I always say is, surfing is our brand.' That's the brand we all live for."

Peter Townend. ASP’s First World Surfing Champion