SkyOne Federal Credit Union and Surf Industry Members Association Unveil Groundbreaking Eco-Friendly Credit Card for Ocean Conservation Enthusiasts

HAWTHORNE, Calif., January 9, 2024 — SkyOne Federal Credit Union proudly announces an innovative collaboration with the Surf Industry Members Association (SIMA) through the SIMA Platinum Rewards Visa® Credit Card credit card launch. This co-branded credit card is designed for individuals who are passionate about ocean conservation and sustainability.

The SIMA Platinum Rewards Visa® Credit Card, a result of the partnership with SkyOne Federal Credit Union, introduces a range of distinctive features aimed at empowering individuals, driving ocean conservation efforts, and contributing to a greener planet:

  1. A Gift to Our Oceans: Every transaction made with the SIMA Credit Card in collaboration with SkyOne Federal Credit Union transforms into a meaningful gift to our oceans. Contributions will support the SIMA Environmental Fund, which has already dedicated over $10 million to safeguarding marine ecosystems. More than just a financial tool, the SIMA Platinum Rewards Visa® Credit Card represents a significant contribution to a cleaner, healthier planet.
  2. Designed with Sustainability in Mind: The card is crafted from reclaimed ocean-bound plastic, embodying a sustainability that aligns with the core values of SkyOne and SIMA. Every purchase is a commitment to a greener future. Along with the card includes a Surfrider Foundation membership, reinforcing our commitment to grassroots efforts for ocean health.

“This is the only credit card that funds ocean conservation with every purchase and features exclusive art from our Spilt Life campaign,” said Vipe Desai, Executive Director of Surf Industry Members Association. “Now everyone can be an ocean champion by turning their daily spending into a powerful tool for positive

SIMA Platinum Rewards Visa® Credit Card

"At SkyOne Federal Credit Union, we strongly believe in combining financial excellence with environmental responsibility. Our partnership with the Surf Industry Member Association demonstrates this commitment by offering a credit card that not only provides exceptional rewards but also supports the SIMA environmental fund, contributing to positive change for our oceans," said Shannon Doiron, Chief Strategy Officer at SkyOne Federal Credit Union.

The Surf Industry Member Association and SkyOne Federal Credit Union are reshaping the future by combining environmental conservation and financial empowerment. For full details and to apply, visit SkyOne SIMA Card.

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