Riding the Retail Wave: Top Brands Strengthening Retail Relationships and Boosting Sales with ENDVR Campaigns

Riding the Retail Wave: Top Brands Strengthening Retail Relationships and Boosting Sales with ENDVR Campaigns

In the dynamic world of retail, brands in the surf industry operating in a retail wholesale environment often face the challenge of effectively engaging and empowering their retail sales associates. These front-line employees play a crucial role in representing the brand, educating customers, and driving sales. However, there is sometimes a disconnect between brands and these important stakeholders, which can hinder the acquisition of new customers and sales growth. While products may vary, the shared struggle lies in optimizing the retail sales channel, empowering sales associates, and attracting new customers.

Meet ENDVR: Your All-in-One Digital Platform Solution:

ENDVR is a game-changing solution that brings brands and their retail sales associates closer together: it empowers Brands to create unforgettable in-store experiences, educate sales associates, and incentivize them to sell more. This ultimately results in gaining more customers and achieving higher sales figures. Meanwhile, Retailers benefit from enhanced in-store experiences, better engagement with sales associates, and a unified platform for product education and sales initiatives.

ENDVR has already helped over 170+ world-class brands like OTIS Eyewear, Slowtide Towels, Vuori, Vans Canada, and many more effectively engage, educate, and incentivize sales associates, helping them build data-backed strategies for their brick-and-mortar sales initiatives.

Elevate Retail Success and Customer Acquisition with ENDVR Campaigns:
ENDVR provides a variety of campaigns to boost sales and improve customer acquisition:

Digital Education: Brands can educate sales associates about their products through different types of content, ensuring they have the most up-to-date product information.
Sales Incentive: Implement sales incentives that inspire sales associates to sell more and acknowledge their performance.
Retail Operations: Utilize features like merchandising checks and frontline surveys to ensure that retailers follow brand standards and meet customer demands.

Powering Retail Transformation and Skyrocketing Sales with ENDVR's Magic Touch: When brands partner with ENDVR, they witness incredible transformations in their retail operations:

Impressive 41% average increase in retail sales on a same-store basis.
The platform delivers an amazing average return on investment (ROI) of 25:1, ensuring brands see a favorable return on their investment.

For a concrete example of the platform's effectiveness, look at the OTIS sales campaign on ENDVR, which yielded outstanding results:

Sales generated US $ US$320,483.69
Acquired Unit sales 1,409 (Avg Sales Price US$227.45)
Reward Budget US$13,990.00
$23:1 RORI (Return on Reward Investment)

These metrics and results highlight the platform's capacity to drive sales, engage sales associates, and deliver a significant impact on brands' retail operations.

Discover more about ENDVR: Join ENDVR's November Webinars and Enjoy Exclusive SIMA Savings!

For those interested in learning more about ENDVR, the platform is hosting webinars in November: ENDVR for Brandsand ENDVR for Retailers to boost in-store sell-through and transform retail operations. These webinars are excellent opportunities to explore the platform's features, benefits, and case studies.

Furthermore, as a gesture of appreciation towards SIMA members, ENDVR is pleased to extend an exclusive offer: brands that choose to enter into a contractual agreement with ENDVR will receive a remarkable 10% discount on their services, ensuring added value and savings for their business.

Ready to unlock your brand's full potential? Explore the ENDVR platform today for a deeper dive into the future of retail success! Visit the ENDVR website to learn more