State of Surfboards With FireWire’s Chris Grow

State of Surfboards With FireWire’s Chris Grow

SBIA and SIMA recently teamed up for a virtual hard goods summit and one of the talks focused around the state of surfboards. This was a rapid fire chat with Chris Grow, Director of Marketing at FireWire and I asked him to share insights on retail strategies and what does it take to reach today's hard goods consumer. 

Below is his response but you’ll definitely want to tune in and watch the whole session for his other valuable insights.

CHRIS GROWAt FireWire, we believe that surf shops are vital to our surfing culture. They serve as a source of inspiration and education, which is crucial for a surfboard brand like ours. We’ve realized that it's essential to create products that align with the consumer experience. Most surfers still ride the waves near their homes, rather than using specialized boards for wave pools or high-performance surfing.

They typically look for boards that can be used daily. In our case, this means focusing on boards by renowned designers like Dan Mann and Rob Machado, such as the Sweet Potato and the Mashup, a collaboration between Dan and Rob. We also have the Revo by Daniel Thompson, which works exceptionally well in small waves, and the Dominator by Dan Mann. Our range of surfboards, designed by these talented designers, is optimized for everyday waves.

This focus has contributed to our ongoing success despite industry trends. Unlike clothing or trunks, which may be purchased for their aspirational value, surfboard consumers are educated and seek products that enhance their real surfing experiences.

Watch the full session in the video below