Surfers Active, Purchase Products in Surf Shops, Survey Reveals

Surfers Active, Purchase Products in Surf Shops, Survey Reveals

SIMA Surf Consumer Survey Reveals Intriguing Insights 

The Surf Industry Members Association recently partnered with Camp Shred and Surf Ride Board Shop to survey surfers about their equipment, wave riding, and purchasing habits. The results emphasize an intriguing picture of today’s surf consumer: a person who is affluent and well-educated, buys most of their boards and surf products in surf shops, and still surfs a lot. 

Highlights of the survey reveal that surfers are experienced and go often – with a majority having surfed more than 10 years and still get in the water at least 2 or 3 times a week. More than half own at least 4 surfboards, and they buy a new board at least once a year. 

Among the attendees at Camp Shred, shortboards were the most popular board style owned, with over 4 out of 5 (78 percent) respondents saying they owned a shortboard. Nearly two-thirds owned a mid-length board, over 50 percent also said they owned a fish, while 43 percent owned a longboard.

While the online shopping world is growing quickly, surfers still buy most of their gear in surf shops. Almost three quarters of the respondents said they purchased their most recent surf related product in person in a surf shop, and 60 percent said they’d buy their next surfboard from a surf shop in person.

Demoing surfboards helped surfers’ buying decisions. Of the survey respondents, three quarters (75 percent) said they planned to purchase a surfboard in the future because they tried it at Camp Shred.

Camp Shred, the world’s largest surf demo, conducted the survey during its event held February 12-13, 2022, at the San Elijo Campgrounds in Cardiff, California. The event hosted several thousand attendees overall, and the survey was filled out by approximately 100 attendees. Based on the location and overall makeup of respondents, this study highlights a snapshot of today’s active, enthusiastic Southern California-based surfer. 

For a more detailed look at the surf consumer today, including demographic information, purchasing habits, and other interests, SIMA members can use the contact form to request access to the full survey for free.